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リヴァイ班日誌 ~兵長の恋を応援する34日間~ by カイロ
Levi Squad Journal ~34 Days of Cheering on Corporal’s Love~

Here’s another novel translation. It’s as the title implies, 34 days of the Levi Squad helping Corporal with his love life. One of the best on pixiv and one of my favorite authors!

◆Levi Squad Journal Day 1
:Leader: Erd
:Weather: Sunny
General training, meeting

:Report Contents:
Today our squad has been assigned a new recruit. It’s Eren Jeager, the one who holds the ability to transform into a titan. A record for Eren who has many expectations and worries has been deemed necessary so Erd Jin, Gunta Schultz, Oluo Bozado, and Petra Ral have been given the duty to record in a journal on a daily basis by rotation from here on out. Anything noticed about Eren or any particular actions taken by him should be recorded in this report contents section.
Once written, have it checked by Corporal Levi and the other squad members.
This is fine, right?

:Check Field:
【Levi】 No problem. Change “report contents” to “today’s Eren”.
【Erd】 Roger.
【Gunta】 Roger.
【Oluo】 Roger.
【Petra】 Roger.

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